Borough Gazebo / Bulkhead

Have you heard of the Longport Junior Police? Originally started by Chief Richard DePamphilis, Sr. in 1936, each young applicant (ages 8-16) was required to pass a test on Longport laws and regulations. When an applicant passed the exam, they were even given a metal badge! A few of these badges as well as over 200 applications of local and summer youth can be found in Longport Historical Museum.

Longport’s Civil Defense division was one of thousands across the country during the Cold War. From protecting Longport from a nuclear attack to preventing riots, Longport’s Civil Defense division educated the community on the worst imaginable events of the Cold War. Civil Defense even circulated “Home Protection Exercises” for families to practice emergency responses at home.

Longport’s Volunteer Fire Department was first formed in 1912, thanks in large part to the Longport community at the time. Thanks to donations from Longport property owners, the first 22 members were able to purchase its first apparatus – which was pulled by hand to the fire scene! Longport’s first apparatus was similar to this one:

  • Clue #1: Part of this former children’s hospital is now home to your favorite library!
  • Clue #2: This building is home to Longport Public Library, Longport Borough Hall, and Longport Police Department.
  • Clue #3: From the Bulkhead, head to the front of Borough Hall. Throw out your trash and recycling and look around for your next QR code. Total distance from Borough gazebo: 400 feet.

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