Coast Guard Building

What is now Longport Historical Museum was first home to the U.S. Life Saving Station (later becoming known as the U.S. Coast Guard). Turn around – the original Life Saving Station was actually constructed in 1849 across Atlantic Avenue! Here is a picture of the original U.S. Life Saving Station, located in the area between 32nd and 34th Avenues and the Beach.

One of the most famous incidents was the seizure of 42 cases of liquor from “Anna May” by Captain James Turner in 1932 – the height of Prohibition. This was one of the largest seizures of illegal liquor imports in the history of Longport. Captain Turner was even commended by the Commandant:


Following the Coast Guard, the building was used by the Longport Borough Hall and Police Department until 1990. Longport Historical Society was given use of the building around 1994 and turned the building into a museum for Longport residents not long after that. Today, Longport Public Library maintains the Longport Historical Museum.

  • Clue #1: We’ve learned the importance of protection against the swelling Bay during major storms. Take a seat in the shade and learn about past storms that have hit Longport.
  • Clue #2: What record was established by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 in Longport? Look for the marker and you’ll find your next location! If you’re across from Costa Videre, you’re in the right spot!
  • Clue #3: From the Coast Guard Building, head South down Atlantic Avenue approximately .4 miles. Keep your eyes peeled for information about Hurricane Sandy. If you pass Costa Videre, you’ve gone too far! Total distance from Coast Guard Building: .4.

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