Have you heard one of the biggest rumors in Longport – that there was a large storm that washed away the first 10 blocks of Longport and gave them to Ocean City? This is actually a myth! The original 10 blocks of Longport were originally from Sand Island, then washed away little-by-little by a series of major storms between 1900 and 1916.

Built in 1910, the Log Cabin at 11th Avenue was built by E.S. Dickerson, a lumber dealer from Philadelphia. The beachfront land only cost $3,000! The Log Cabin has had its fair share of legends and stories, but it is most famously known as a spot for Shag, the harbor seal. The Log Cabin was torn down in 1979.

The original Longport Jetty is located at 11th Avenue. The jetty near where you’re standing was built in 1920, after the jetty at 11th Avenue. Today, the jetty is an especially popular spot for fishing and viewing the sunset.

  • Clue #1: Built by the Boice family in 1895, this location burned down in July 1915. You could’ve stayed here for $12 to $15 a week.
  • Clue #2: This beach-front hotel was one of many located in Longport, and its location today is a popular beach spot!
  • Clue #3: From the jetty, head North up Atlantic Avenue approximately .2 miles. Turn right at 15th Street and head towards the beach. Keep your eyes peeled for a marker – if you reach the ocean, you’ve gone too far! Total distance from the Jetty: .3 miles.

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