The Devonshire (15th & Ocean)

You’re standing in the spot of one of the first hotels built in Longport: Hotel Devonshire. The Hotel Devonshire was built by Fred Boice in 1895 between 15th and 16th Avenues. Boice called Longport “a new resort” to entice visitors to Longport from Atlantic City. The Hotel was destroyed by a fire in 1913.


                Another of Longport’s famous stays was the Canterbury, located at 17th Avenue and the beach. The Canterbury was originally home to the Bayview Fishing and Gunning Club of Longport where members could dine and stay, but was converted into condominiums in the 1980s. The building was demolished in 1997.


The Aberdeen Hotel’s story starts in 1883 as a café and was first enlarged into a hotel in 1886, then at its largest had 154 rooms. The Aberdeen, built at 16th Avenue and the beach, was destroyed by a massive fire in 1954 and is the current site of the Seaview Condominiums.


  • Clue #1: Originally built in 1908, your next location was rebuilt after a fire in June 2012.
  • Clue #2: This Spanish-style church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. Find the Longport Labyrinth and you’ll find your next stop!
  • Clue #3: From the Devonshire, head West towards the Bay. Turn right at Atlantic Avenue and continue North approximately .3 miles. If you reach the Historical Museum, you’ve gone too far! Total distance from the Devonshire: .4 miles.

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