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How to use overdrive: help guide

How to use hoopla: help guide

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 how to use rbdigital: help guide.      how to use press reader: help guide                   

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  how to use canopy: help guide   how to use hoopla help guide  


Press of Atlantic City     Philadelphia Inquirer        New Jersey Newspapers                              how to access news bank: help guide.   

The New York Times

  Click on the the NYT image to access from home:  

     Click on the link for additional access to newspapers including the Washing Post and Wall Stree Journal: Proquest 

    For a direct link to the Wall Street Journal click here: Access

    For a direct link to the Washington Post click here: Access

Pressreader provides access to a variety of different magazines and newspapers.  Click on the image to access:    how to access press reader: help guide

      Book Reviews                            Genealogy:  Click on the following lick to access ancestry library edition from home: Access  HeritageQuest is a great resource for genealogy questions as well.  Click on the image to access:                         Career    Legal  


Language Learning

Click on the following images for learning language databases:
    how to access Mango: help guide 

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